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Journal of the Korean society of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage 1993;2(2):15-24.
Published online December 20, 1993.
出土古木材의 樹種과 組織構造에 관한 硏究( II ) - 出土古木材의 腐朽形態
강애경, 박상진
Species identification and microscopic structure of ancient wood excavated from the remains( II ) -Degradation of ancient woods
To understand the morphological change of ancient woods, samples classified by cell type, burial environment and species were collected and observed using microscopy. Decay of wood by cell type could classified into two types. First, degraded secondary wall was formed granular residues in layer and was remained layer and compound middle lamella. Second, the cell wall was slightly degraded and cracked in secondary wall. A gradual thinning of cell wall was occured. The compound middle lamella was separated from secondary wall. The resistance of degradation is increased at vessels, parenchyma, and tracheid and wood fiber in the order named. The type of degradation by species could be classified into four types. Overall degradation type; the degradation of cell wall is usually heavy and the extent of degradation Varies by part of the same sample. Partial degradation type ; this type shows severely different decay type by part of the sample. Nondegraded cells were mixed with degraded cells on the same sample. Erose degradation type ; thinning of the cell wall was occoured and the degradation type was different by part. Slight degradation types ; secondary wall was slightly degraded, cracked and separated from compound middle lamella. Considering different type of burial environment, dry wood was similiar to sound wood and slightly decayed. Waterlogged and peat burial wood was heavilydecayed. Between species of under the same environment, decay type and extent were diferentiated from each other.

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