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Journal of the Korean society of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage 1995;4(1):3-10.
Published online March 25, 1995.
新安海底 引揚 沈沒船의 復元 硏究
A Study on the Restoration of Shinan Shipwreck
Kim. Yong Han
This study focused on the reconstructional point of Shinan ship-wreck that was excavated between . The wreck, which might be sunk in the beginning of the 14th century, is regarded as a vessel of Yuan dynasty, China. This paper tried to find out some structural characteristics and principal dimensions for restoration. The Shinan shipwreck's structural characteristics are summarized as follow, 1) The Shinan shipwreck is formed V-shaped cross section with bar keel, 2) The vessel is divided 8 holds by 7 bulkheads. 3) The ship has flat type stem and transome stern. 4) A rabbeted clinker -built is basically adopted on planking joint. 5) A wooden sheathing, which means a sort of protecting board against marine insects, is covered outside of the main hull, 6) For making an watertight structure, oakum and lime mixtured t'ung-oil are used along the seam of planking and bulkhead. 7) A V-shaped deep water-way exists at both deck side. 8) The shipwreck is believed to have 2 masts at least. 9) The shiptimbers are classified as Chinese Red Pine(Pinus Massonina) which is mainly grown in the southern part of China. Considering as mentioned above the structural characteristics, Shinan ship-wreck could be classified as Chinese Fu-chuan type(복선형) of sea-going ship. The Shinan ship's principal dimensions which are calculated on the basis of Chinese traditional shipbuilding custom, are as follow, Length overall(L.O.A). : 34.80m Length water line(L.W.L) : 24.90m Breadth(B.max.) : 11m Breadth(B) : 10m Depth at keel line(H) : 3.75m Draft(D). : 3.15m Freeboard(F) : 0.65m Ratio, length/breadth(L/B). : 2.26 Ration, breadth/depth(B/D) : 3.5 Height of stem : 7m Height of stern : 10m Displacement : ab.340ton.

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