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Journal of the Korean society of Conservation Science for Cultural Heritage 1996;5(1):41-68.
Published online June 30, 1996.
保存을 위한 石造文化財의 特徵과 岩石에 대한 연구( I ) -京畿道 龍仁郡과 利川郡
박경립, 이상헌, 신종원
Study on the Characteristics of the Stone-Cultural Properties and Weathering Phenomena of the Rocks for Conservation( I ) - Yongin-gun and Eechon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Kyung Rip Park, Sang Hun Lee, Jong Won Shin
Stone-cultural-properties, distributed In the area, have been investigated and studied on the characteristics and the rock phases in the geological and conservational point of view. Stone-Buddhas in the area can be subdivided into Maebul-, General -, and Massive rock-types according to their styles. The rocks used in these stone-cultural-properties are mainly massive, coarse grained biotite granite of the Jurassic age, which is widely distributed around the Reckon-gun area. However, quartz-feldspathic banded gneiss, marble, phyllite and hornblendite are also used. These rocks are mainly distributed in the Yongin-gun area. This suggests that the rocks used. These rocks are strongly influenced by chemical weathering so that the rock surface is very irregular with relief. Biotite granite used shows generally weathered surface of brown color due to chemical weathering of feldspars. Moss are pervasive partly on the surface to show black and/or green colors. The strong weathering may induce secondarily to appear the igneous lineation, onion-structure, and/or minor cracks latent in the rocks. The cultural properties In the area are relatively well conserved except Maebuls and one(Duchangri 3-story) pagoda. However, one stone-buddha may be grinded recently by machine to take off the weathered surface resulting in the loss of its age and the original detailed shape. For conservation, they must be scientifically considered on the shape, kind of the rock phase and characteristics of the weathered phenomena.

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