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Journal of Conservation Science 2005;17(0):57-64.
Published online July 30, 2005.
청평사 강선루 출토 조선시대 철제유물의 금속조직에 대하여
김수기, 이창희
Metallic Structure of Iron Relics of Chosun Dynasty Excavated from Gangsun Tower, Chengpyeong Temple
S.K.Kim, C.H.Lee
초 록
청평사 강선루 회전문 부근에서 출토된 조선시대 세기 철물과 철촉에 대한 금속조직학적으로 조사하기 위하여 유물에서 부식되지 않은 시편을 채취하여 마운트와 연마 및 부식을 시켜 금속조직을 관찰하고 비금속개재물부분은 SEM으로 관찰한 뒤 EDS로 분석하였다. 금속학적 조직조사와 SEM-EDS분석을 통하여 철물과 철촉은 고체저온환원법에 의한 순철에 가까운 괴련철 혹은 해면철을 이용하여 철을 생산하고, 단야로 같은 곳에서 침탄을 하여 탄소량을 높인 것으로 밝혀졌다. 또한 철물은 탄소량을 어느 정도 높인 다음 담금질과 열처리과정을 반복하여 철기의 강도를 인위적으로 많이 높이는 작업을 한 것으로 밝혀졌다. 이번 조사연구를 통하여 조선시대에도 괴련철을 소재로 하여 철을 생산하였다는 것을 알 수 있어 의미 있는 결과를 얻었다.
In the course of examining the micro structure of Iron chisel and Iron arrowhead, a relics of the 16th or 17th of Chosun Dynasty unearthed at near Gangsun-tower, Chengpyeong temple. Collected un-eroded samples from the relics were looked into the metallic structure through optical metallography. Non-metallic inclusions were-analysed by SEM and EDS. The micro structure examination and SEM-SDS analysis revealed that Iron chisel and Iron arrowhead had been produced from the sponge iron close to pure iron made by low temperature reducing in a solid and then the surface carbon content was increased by carburizing treatment. It was also found that Iron chisel had been hardened through the repetitive processes of quench hardening and heat treatment, after increasing carbon content to a certain level. Up to now, there have been a number of studies in the domestic academia which were studied mainly on the structure of metallic relics in the period of the Three Kingdoms or before. Although this research was limited in type and number of the relics, it turned out to be interesting in that it revealed the 16th or 17th century way of processing iron, even in fragments. It is thought to be fruitful that iron had been made even in the Chosun Dynasty from the sponge iron.

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