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J. Conserv. Sci > Volume 31(1); 2015 > Article
Journal of Conservation Science 2015;31(1):65-73.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.12654/JCS.2015.31.1.07    Published online March 31, 2015.
국립고궁박물관 소장 태조어진 장황 유소의 재질분석 및 보존처리 방안 연구
이승리, 위광철
The Material Analysis and a Study on the Conservation Treatment of Taejoʹs Portrait Mounting Decorative Knots in the National Palace Museum of Korea Collection
Seung Lee Lee, Koang Chul Wi
초 록
이 연구에서는 국립고궁박물관 소장 태조어진 유소의 상태 조사와 재질 분석을 통해 다회류 유물의 이해를 돕고 보존처리 시 발생할 수 있는 변형률에 대한 안정성 검증 및 효율성을 높이고자 하였다. 유소의 재질 분석 결과 겉실은 견사, 속실은 면사, 금속사의 너비는 500∼600μm,주성분 Copper 55wt%로 확인되었다. 또한 방울술의 형태 교정 시 우려되는 변형률을 확인한 결과 1TPCM의 미만의 변형률로 안정성을 검증 하였으며, 절사된 술의 단면을 접합하기 위한 접착제 선정 실험에서는 소맥전분풀이 모든 농도에서 가장 높은 인장력을 도출하여 사용이 가장 용이하다고 판단 된다. 이와 같이 유물 분석 및 실험을 토대로 보존처리 과정을 수립하였으며, 그 계획에 따라 보존처리를 실행하여 포장에 이르기 까지 처리를 완료 하였다.
중심어: 태조어진, 장황, 유소, 다회, 매듭
The purposes of this study are helping the understanding on the Dae-hwe kind relics, verifying the deformation rate stability during conservation treatment and enhancing the conservation treatment work by investigating the status and analyzing the material of Taejo's portrait mounting decorative knots in the National Palace Museum of Korea collection. The result of material analysis on the decorative knots was that the outer threads are silk threads, inner threads are cotton threads, the width of the metal threads was 500∼600μm and the major component of it was 55wt% copper. The result of verification on the deformation rate during the form correction of the bell tassel was that it has been found as stable by having the deformation rate of 1 TPCM or less. The result of glue selection test to be used on the repairing of tassel cross-section with its thread cut was that wheat starch adhesive has been found most appropriate because it has the highest tensile strength at all concentrations. The conservation and treatment procedure was established based on above results of analysis and test on the relic and the conservation treatment work including packaging has been completed in accordance with the established procedure.
Key Words: Portrait of King Taejo's, Mounting, Yu-so, Da-hwe, knot

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